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Things to do in Spain

Experience through travel. Great activities and things to do in Spain
At Letango Tours, our objective is to provide the best experience possible for each one of our clients. From teenagers to grandparents, couples or families, honeymooners or retirees, we aim to open doors to a culture that is very different from our own. After years of experience guiding people through Spain, we have found that sometimes it is the little things that impress people the most.

Ballon rides

Various Types of activities and other fun things to do in Spain
At Letango Tours, our aim is providing unforgettable experiences that will inspire you and leave you with great memories of your travels through Spain. From exploring remote villages in Andalucia, to hikes in the Pyrenees or a day spent walking the Camino de Santiago, our company can make your dream trip to Spain come alive. Do you love to dance? Why not consider learning a few steps of Flamenco from one of the top teachers in Granada. Are you a foodie? It is not a small thing to consider that Spain has the highest number of Michelin star restaurants in Europe. Allow us to help create this opportunity for you through a cooking class with an expert chef or a wine expert who can expose you to some of the most amazing Spanish wines from the famous regions.

Kids birdwatching

Activities for everyone. Things to do in Spain for kids, singles, families, friends.
On our experience list, we cater to all ages, including children, retirees and everyone in between. If being active is what you love, we can plan a bike excursion along plotted routes of the via verde old train tracks that pave through remote areas where you can get really close to the locals. Consider a beautiful walk with amazing views winding through a centuries old village in the mountains of Granada concluding with a taste of artisanal wine and local cheese. Do you have a young aspiring chef who would enjoy a hands on cooking class preceded by a visit to a local market to pick up ¨in season¨ items used in the presentation. Would you like more adventure? We can take you in a balloon ride capturing a glimpse of the sunrise over a centuries old castle or a river rafting experience that will sieze magnificent views of the region of Castille Leon. We can also create combined activities that will suit all ages of your group like a visit to a cave wine bodega in the first part of the morning followed by a archeological visit for the kids in the afternoon learning about different civilizations that passed through Spain from the Romans, Celtics, and Muslims, etc.

Learning to play handball hai alai

Connecting with locals
We love to open doors and allow exposure to a culture that is very different from our own. We understand with families, everyone has their unique interests and we try hard to balance those with everything the country has to offer from art, food, wine, history and architecture. After years of planning trips for people, we have found that sometimes it is the little things that impress people the most. The unique situations that are special we may not find back home, that end up staying with us us forever. It is not in our interest to just teach the history or knowledge, we sincerely want our clients to walk away with something they have learned from the locals, that will hopefully inspire them to return.