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Bolo do Caco Filled with Chorizo from Madeira

Bolo do Caco Filled with Chorizo from Madeira 0

Bolo de caco is a traditional bread from Madeira, Portugal. It is cooked on a flat basalt stone, giving it a unique texture. The bread is soft, slightly crispy, and infused with a hint of smokiness. It can be enjoyed on its own or filled with various ingredients like chorizo. Bolo de caco is a beloved staple in Madeiran cuisine, known for its simplicity and versatility.
Get lost in Granada

Get lost in Granada 1

Travel blogger Jenna forgoes an itinerary and explores the historic streets: wandering the Albaycín, Alcaicera and trying some snails along the way
Exploring Jewish Portugal

Exploring Jewish Portugal 0

Traces of Jewish life in Portugal range from the most popular, bustling cities to small, rural villages. From the time of the Romans to the Reconquista to the 21st century, Portuguese Jews have made their mark on the country´s land and peaked the curiosity of locals and tourists alike. 
Lucena, Spain

Lucena, Spain 0

Consider Spanish destinations less known for their tourist attractions but meccas for the rich Jewish Sephardic traditions.
Two days in Seville

Two days in Seville 0

A traveler's personal experience including things to do in Seville over a weekend exploring some of the highlights as well as enjoying the local atmosphere and awesome tapas bars.
Best Day Trips From Madrid

Best Day Trips From Madrid 1

Read about some of the best day trips from Madrid just an hour or less away. From Segovia to Toledo to Salamanca we explain the most convenient ways to visit them.