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Why booking with Letango Tours?

Do you offer group tours?

Can Letango provide "skip the line" service?

Does Letango reserve the tickets for important sites in advance?

What is the walking length expected?

Are gratuities included?

Does Letango Tours offer any kind of Customer service support during the trip?

How do we communicate with you during the planning process?

Can you help us with allergies or dietary concerns?

Do I need to carry my passport with me at all times?

Custom Private Trips

What is a Custom Private Trip?

Are there other people in the group?

Can you make a proposal or offer ideas of trips?

When do we receive the itinerary once we sign up?

Can different members of a private party communicate with Letango during the planning process?

Can you take into consideration our travel priorities, preferences or style?

Day Private Tours and Trips

What is the length of your tours?

Once the tour is set up, do we receive any further information?

Do I pay extra for Weekend and Holiday Fee?

Are itineraries for the walking tours flexible?

What times do your recommend to start the tours?


Are your prices per person or per group?

Do prices include taxes?

Are your prices in Euros or USD?

Do you charge for children or give discounts?

Are the walking tours children friendly?

Guides, Drivers, Driver-guides

What kind of drivers and driving companies do you use?

What are your guides credentials?

Can Letango provide an expert in wine or chef?

Can I contact the guides and drivers ahead of time to discuss the itinerary?

Deposits and Payments

What type of payment do you take?

When is payment due?


What happens if the number of participants changes?

Can I make changes to my reservations?


Trip Insurance

Can I transfer my reservation to someone else if I can not travel?

Where can I find your Cancellation Policy?


How does Letango choose the hotels?

What room sizes can we expect?

Do hotels include breakfast?

Are your hotels centrally located and convenient for sites?

What category of hotels does Letango use?

Can I get a king size bed?

What is included in the hotel room?

Are hotels quiet?

My flight arrives very early, can we request an early check in?


Will you send me vouchers, tickets and travel documents?

When do I receive names of guides and drivers?


How does tourist class compare to first class in trains throughout Spain?

Is there security at train stations?

Are there assigned seats in trains?