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Bolo do Caco Filled with Chorizo from Madeira

Bolo do Caco Filled with Chorizo from Madeira 0

Bolo de caco is a traditional bread from Madeira, Portugal. It is cooked on a flat basalt stone, giving it a unique texture. The bread is soft, slightly crispy, and infused with a hint of smokiness. It can be enjoyed on its own or filled with various ingredients like chorizo. Bolo de caco is a beloved staple in Madeiran cuisine, known for its simplicity and versatility.
Spanish Vegetables

Spanish Vegetables 1

Vegetables in Spain take their place at the table holding just as much importance as every other dish or delicacy.  Traditionally they have taken the back burner to the more famous paella rice dishes and sophisticated wine.  Read on to learn about how they are making their way up the famous culinary ladder and into gourmet restaurants.

Turron 0

Don´t miss a taste of the famous turron dessert when visiting Spain.  It is chalk full of wonderful flavors like almonds, fruit and chocolate and carries an important historic significance as well.  Its wide diversity of ingredients go back centuries.