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There are many famous cities to visit in Spain, but none capture such allure and special attention like Seville and it´s romantic past.  In our Seville tours, we will try to cover that and then some. Our tours are for couples, family and friends and we can cater to children as well helping them to understand the important history Seville holds in the discovery of the Americas.  Our walking tours cover areas harder to reach by car, including the old Jewish Qt. of Barrio de Santa Cruz.  Narrow, winding streets that the visitor could get lost in, our guide will lead you through with lots of explanation, legends and stories of its Muslim past and covering other things to do in Seville.  We can include the famous Cathedral or Alcazar which will make your visit complete. 

If you are a visitor that prefers to see the city by car, that is great as many sites are spread out in this city.  Between the wonderful Plazas and parks, there is enough to see in two days. As well many don´t imagine that Seville could be the great base to many day trips including Cordoba, Jerez, Granada, Ronda and all of the white washed villages.  You are also conveniently close to the sea if you feel like getting to the beach and taking a dip.

If all you are interested in is waking tours, check out our Seville Walking Tour

If you have a few days in Sevilla, you may choose one of our Day trips from Sevilla

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