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Under our Madrid Tours category we offer an array of services you can consider while visiting this vibrant city.  Our tours are appropriate for friends, couples, families as well as the youngest of travelers.  Our walking tours will feature some of the most historic neighborhoods, narrow winding streets and fascinating architecture in the oldest buildings. Whether it is history or culinary traditions, you will love discovering Madrid on foot. 

Certain places need to be walked like the old center, where other areas like the Salamanca quarter or Castellana is better seen by car to save time and energy. If all you are interested in is waking tours, check out our Madrid Walking Tours

For those who would like to see the city from a comfortable Air-Conditioned car, you can consider our driving tours that will cover many more neighborhoods and monuments as well as the Retiro Park. You have the flexibility to get out and take photos if you would like.

Finally, one of the best attributes of Madrid are the wonderful day trips it offers from a close proximity.  Toledo, Segovia, and El Escorial are just a few to name whose cities are like entire museums and hold fascinating history. If you would like to go to wine country located just a short 2 hours away, that is also a possibility. There is so much and only within a 2 hour drive, you have many opportunities to discover. If you have a few days in Madrid, you may choose one of our Day trips from Madrid 

Madrid Tours

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Plaza Mayor
Madrid and Barcelona in 7 days, a tale of two cities

Private Vacation Package

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Hand made ceramics from different regions in Spain
"Made in Spain" Artisanal Tour

Private Walking Tour

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