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Sephardic Jews living in Spain once represented one of the most important Jewish populations in the world. It is not a wonder that Spain Jewish Tours have become very popular in the last few years as people recognize the importance of their contribution to this country.  Spain is prioritizing this legacy by trying to conserve all those elements displaying the Jewish heritage and culture dating from the early ages.  Many come from all over the world to discover their own heritage from ancestors who lived in Spain.  

Our Spain Jewish Tours will allow you to see how the Jews lived and flourished, their celebrations, the foods they ate and the clothes they wore as well as the music that was distinctly theirs.  From Barcelona to Girona and Toledo to Cordoba, the Jewish customs and history can be seen up close through the fascinating synagogues and the Jewish ¨Barrios¨ where communities lived, practiced their religion and did commerce. Some of the most prominent and important Jewish leaders were the right hand men of the Kings who ruled Spain all the way up until their expulsion in 1492.  Consider one of our Spain Jewish tours with  a knowledgeable licensed guide who will paint an interesting and realistic picture of the Jews as well as the important influence they played on the development of Spain over the centuries.

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Spain Jewish Tour, 9 Day Sephardic Heritage tour
Spain Jewish Tour, 9 Day Sephardic Heritage tour

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