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Portugal Regions

Portugal Regions

The next time you want to get away from the stresses of everyday life, plan a holiday to enjoy the fabulously different regions of Portugal. Each region is distinct and special in its own way. Get to know each area and it's unique character to help you decide which one to visit first. Plan to spend at least a full weekend - maybe longer - in each region to be able to fully experience all that the area has to offer. The mainland regions of Portugal include Lisbon, Alentejo, Algarve and the Northern and Center regions, each offering something special.   We encourage you to take the time to explore and enjoy each one of these gorgeous regions of Portugal!

The Northern region is known for port wine, which is exclusively made in the Douro Valley. The region also boast several mountain ranges and National Parks. Be sure to explore the area's beaches and seaside resorts, as well.

In the Lisbon area you will find a modern metropolitan area built on seven hills. Save your legs and take one of the city's famous yellow trolleys up the steep hills.

Be sure to set aside time to relax and enjoy nature when you visit Portugal's Alentejo region. The area's warm summers and dry winters offer visitors ideal weather to take in all of the area's sights. This region's beautiful scenery is the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking and surfing.

Beach in Salema Algarve PortugalThe Algarve region offers a truly decadent vacation spot. Enjoy gorgeous temperatures year round, as you lounge on this region's fabulous beaches. Enjoy the golf course or casinos, you have both offered here. Marinas and haute cuisine make this region of Portugal a hot vacation destination.

In the Center region, you will find a wealth of history in the form of monasteries, castles, convents and churches. This are is also home to spa towns, such as Curia and Luso, thanks to the healing powers of the Mondego river. From ancient forests and mountain ranges to sandy beaches, this one of the many regions of Portugal has much to offer its visitors.

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