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Letango waiver


I, in consideration for the travel, tour, and guide services (hereinafter, "services") provided to me by Letango Tours (legally established as Cross Border Ventures, LLC in the State of North Carolina) and Carlos Galvin, its agents and employees (herein collectively, "Letango Tours"), do hereby agree as follows:

1. I realize that services provided by Letango Tours may involve visits to remote sites and transportation by public or private vehicle. I hereby release, hold harmless and forever discharge Letango Tours from any and all suits, damages, causes of action, liabilities, and claims of whatsoever nature relating to illness, bodily injury, or death, no matter how caused, including infection by COVID. Please follow the country's latest information on COVID guidelines here:

2. I realize that Letango Tours is not responsible for my personal property, safety, health or medical care, or criminal acts that might be committed against me. I realize that I am responsible for obtaining any medical, health, accident, personal property, and trip cancellation insurance that I may desire or require for my own protection. In addition to the release provided above in paragraph 1, I also hereby release and discharge Letango Tours for loss of or damage to my personal property, no matter how caused.

3. Being that Letango Tours is a US company and bound by US law, any disputes regarding the interpretation and enforcement of this Release of Liability, as well as any other claims or disputes of whatsoever nature (contractual or otherwise) between myself and Letango Tours regarding the services provided to me by Letango Tours, must be brought in a court with jurisdiction in Raleigh, North Carolina. The procedural and substantive law applicable to any such disputes and claims shall be that of the country of the United States.

I have read and understand this 2022 Release and Waiver Agreement.