Planning memorable Spain and Portugal tours since 1999
Are you considering planning a Spain and Portugal itinerary? Look no more. Letango is the company you need. Our selection of ready to book tours is created so you can enjoy them with your companions or family on the dates that best fit you. While the agenda and activities are set, we modify details to your wishes. That means we cater to your preference of hotel,  start time for the tours, restaurants that fit your desires and so on. While they are independent, self guided trips, we do all the coordination of guides, drivers, accommodations and adapting to your travel needs.

After extensive research, traveling and testing diverse routes, Letango Tours has crafted an array of pre-set private tours that incorporate a portion of the best of Spain as well as Portugal. The best part of our Spain private itineraries is that they include stays in 4 star boutique hotels, some historic Paradors or Pousadas. Another plus is that all the services are private, ground transportation between urban and rural areas in Spain and Portugal is included as well as qualified guides to lead you to the points of interest.  All of this is wrapped into a package along with our exceptional customer service and support while traveling in the country. 

The final itinerary and documentation is a wonderfully exhibited schedule, in color, presented as a PDF file and additionally, in your telephone so you have it with you at all times.  If there is any additional information, your itinerary will automatically update. Contact us for details.

Spain and Portugal Itinerary

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Spain Jewish Tour, 9 Day Sephardic Heritage tour

Private Vacation Package

From $3,330.00
Menorahs of Portugal, 10 day Portugal Jewish Tour

Private Vacation Package

From $3,200.00