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Here you have featured our 9 days in Spain customized, private vacation packages.  These trips are designed for the discerning traveler who does not wish to travel with a group, small or large, and would like to have more control of their free time as well as enjoy private guides in all of the cities they are visiting. This does not include a full time guide.  

The beauty with our customized packages, is that we offer flexibility to the schedule.  For those traveling with their family or children, we can organize the day so it works well for everyone and we don´t have any grumpy early morning risers. If you would like to add an additional day tour or activity, we can do that. These packages include hotels, private guided tours, in country transportation and all the planning, tips and suggestions. And best of all, you decide the dates for this trip.


9 Days in Spain

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Spain Jewish Tour, 9 Day Sephardic Heritage tour
Spain Jewish Tour, 9 Day Sephardic Heritage tour

Private Vacation Package

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