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We aim at being as transparent as possible with all of our information and your expectations regarding our Tours and Packages. We understand you still may have questions.

Please feel free to contact us if you still have questions. We have provided FAQs to hopefully answer most of them. 

Are your tours private?
Most of our tours are private, meaning the van and driver or the entire package is planned for you and your family or group. We do offer some scheduled tours called Signature tours where you can sign up and have a defined date.

How are the prices calculated?
You can find the price per person when you go to order. Price per person goes down as number of people increases. Check under the tours to see what is included. If you don´t see the price, inquire with us. 

Do you arrange travel Insurance?
No, but we strongly recommend  that you get travel insurance. You never know what can happen and it is very wise to be prepared for every situation that arises.

Advantages of booking hotels with Letango?
We research our hotels thoroughly by going to each city, looking at rooms, checking out comments on TripAdvisor, etc. You have the advantage that we are familiar with the  hotels you will be staying at and their reputation. We as an agency can get upgrades and better deals than if you were booking on your own. Finally we call the hotel the day you arrive to make sure everything goes smooth and your experience is the best possible

Can you provide an itemized bill?
Our prices are listed on the website and include the services of each package or trip.

Are the hotels you book non-smoking?
Yes. Please request it if you are interested.

Do you arrange international flights? Car Rental or Trains?
We only arrange internal flights, that is in-country as well as rental cars and trains. We usually provide travel arrangements by car, train or plane when we are doing an itinerary and if not, we will ask for a fee.

What are your fees?
Our fees are incorporated into the price. Each service is different and we will charge based on the service that we are providing.

Are your tours children friendly? Child discounts?
Often times, children under 11, there is no additional charge except when you are reserving that requires a ticket entrance or a seat in a private car. For children under 11, we do not ask an additon for a walking tour. Yes, we inform the guide of the ages of the participants of the tour so that they can cater to the clients and if there are children coming along, we always try to make it child friendly.

Can your tours be designed for people with disabilities?
Absolutely, we will inquire with the monuments that we plan to visit , if they are accessible to a person with physical disabilities. Please ask us about entrances as well as some monuments give discounts.

Benefits of travelling privately vs. a group tour?
As you can imagine, travelling with large groups, takes away quality from the tour. If you are with a group, your vision is limited and it can be harder to hear the guide when you are out on a noisy street in Madrid or Barcelona or Seville. To have your own private guide, you have the flexibility to change the itinerary if you so choose, the guides are at your disposal. You also have their full attention and a one on one explanation adds to your experience and the quality.

Are entrance fees included?
We do for adults but for kids under 17 who come for free in guided walking tours it makes more sense to allow the client to see how much the entrance fees are and to be able to take advantage of any discounts.

I signed up for a tour. I have decided I would like to add other tours. Am I too late?
It is never too late to add on another tour. We will even do our best to arrange once you are already in Spain. Obviously the sooner, the better, but we will make our best effort.

Is it safe to book online?
The system we use is highly secure and plugging in a credit card is usually done through Paypal who are the experts in protecting your financial information. Having said that, if you are still uncomfortable to give the financial info online, let us know and we can give you a call to take you cc over the phone and charge it on our end.

What happens if I need to cancel?
Please see our terms and conditions for the cancellation policy. We do strongly recommend travel insurance of which we can definitely make a recommendation for you. Please inquire.

We are interested in renting a car and driving ourselves. What are Letango´s recommendations for destinations in Spain with Rental car?
Depending on the destination, it is true that there are some places, that are easier to get around by car. We don´t recommend having a car in the big cities unless you will be doing regular day trips. The cost of parking will be high if you are going to use the car very little. Again, depending on the region, and what territory you want to cover, it is nice to have a car to maintain flexibility as there are so many villages that can be spread out, a car allows you the chance to go and see without having to worry about train or bus schedules. If you are driving through Andalucia, it is a shame to miss some of the more important cities and villages. The north of Spain is almost essential to have a car if you want to move around efficiently. Travelling from the Basque country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia, the distances are relatively short, if you have a car to get around.

We are travelling during the holidays? Can we expect to find a lot of closures?
It is true that the Spaniards honor the holidays and even more than other cultures do. For example, they celebrate the 3 Kings on the 5th and 6th of January which is not a holiday most countries recognize for an official bank holiday. What you will find is the many of the major monuments will be open as cities want to keep the tourist euros flowing and also many shops are starting to forgo the Sunday ritual closing for opening to shoppers who often times only have Sunday to shop. It is essential to recognize that while ¨some¨ restaurants (often hotel restaurants) will remain open on days like Christmas Eve and New Year´s Eve, often it is essential to have reservations and even then the menu will be a fortune as they are doing something ¨special¨ for the holiday. In a pinch, if you are staying in an apt, make sure to shop before the midnight hour and get your stock as after 8, everyone will be dining with their families and most everything will be closed.

Can we avoid long lines if we use Letango Tours?
Our guides will do their best to get you into the monuments with relatively short waits. There are some monuments throughout Spain where you will have no wait at all. There are some monuments that have separate entrances when you go in with a guide like the Royal Palace in Madrid, which will ensure a short wait. There are some monuments like the Thyssen museum in Madrid and the Alcazar in Seville that require you have pre-purchased tickets ahead of time. We can take care of those for you. It is important to know that in some monuments, for groups larger than six, it is obligatory to have a reservation in advance and in that case we purchase the tickets for you ahead of time and this also will make a difference on waiting time.

How far in advance is it good to make a booking with Letango?
We have some people who book with us a year in advance. Those are super planners and like to do everything with lots of time. We can also have the other extreme where people call us once they are in Madrid and want a tour. We do our best to accommodate them as well. Our rule of thumb is the more advanced warning, the better. It gives us time to plan, organize for upcoming events or holidays, find our best guides available, find ticket entrances to the Alhambra still available, etc… get the idea.
And you can benefit from our early bird discount listed at the top of our website.

What is your rain policy?
Our day tours and trips go rain or shine!