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Madrid Royal Palace and Prado Tour

Tour Description

Arguably,  two of our most popular monuments, the Royal Palace and Prado is sure to please.   It will provide a great introduction to the history, the famous artists and their masterpiece paintings. These two attractions in Madrid draw thousands of visitors every year to witness some of the finest treasures acquired under the Spanish Monarchy over the past three centuries. From the unique works of Velazquez, Greco and Goya to the fine collections of clocks, tapestries and a Royal pharmacy, one of the largest accumulations in Europe.  Our expert and knowledgeable guide who has studied intensively these two important monuments, will provide an interpretation of the genius artwork as well as a timeline of key periods around the history of the Royal Palace and all the influential events that have been celebrated here. You will marvel in the grandeur of the throne room and beautiful winding staircase fit for the most Royal of Kings and Queens. 

This introduction to the intense history of Spain is sure to provide you much more perspective and appreciation.  We are happy to make this tour kid friendly as our guide, upon request, can give explanation on the art like a story that the children will understand. 

  • Private Guide  
  • Map with marked itinerary
  • Numerous tips and recommendations on how to spend your time
      • Velazquez famous work of Meninas
      • Goya´s historic paintings of the invasion of 1808
      • Visit inside the Royal Palace
      • Pass through some of the most beautiful plazas in Madrid including Santa Ana, Plaza Mayor 
      • Stroll through the famous quarter of Barrio de las Letras filled with legends of the Prominent writers and playwrites of Spain.

        This is the sequence of our Madrid Royal Palace and Prado Tour.

        Meeting Point: Outside Main Entrance of the Prado, at Goya Statue

        • Prado Museum
        • Carrera San Jeronimo
        • Puerta del Sol
        • Plaza Mayor
        • Royal Palace

          This is a summarized itinerary. Some places may be added or changed based on time, plus we like to keep some surprise element to our tours. Please inquire if you would like to change one museum for something we already have on the tour. For example visiting the Reina Sofia instead of the Prado. Please be aware for large groups, reservations in advance are required and subject to inability to obtain tickets with short notice.

        This is a summarized itinerary. Some places may be added based on time, plus we like to keep some surprise element to our tours.

        Duration: 4h
        Start:  10:00am
        Start point: Outside Prado Museum, Statue of Goya, at main entrance
        If your hotel is nearby and you prefer to be picked up, let us know when you book the tour.

        VERY IMPORTANT Please note that the Royal Palace can close at any time on a moment's notice.  The State reserves the right to close the Palace for different purposes or state events.  The problem is that sometimes we are not even aware of the closure until just before the service.  We will do our best to rectify the situation and choose another monument to include in the walking tour.  We apologize for the inconvenience but it is beyond our control.

        *Weekend or holidays: This tour carries a surcharge of $35 on Weekends or Spanish holidays as the local guides charge more at this time. 

        Note for large groups, we need to make an advanced reservation and entrance may be subject to change or different hour.

        Optional for this tour:
        We can subsitute this tour with the Thyssen or Reina Sofia museum. 

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        An enlightening discovery awaits you, exploring two of the most important monuments in Spain, the Prado Museum and Royal Palace of Madrid. Holding some of the richest collections of art and treasures, it is not a mystery why these two world class monuments attract people from all over the world.  You will see some of the finest gems accumulated under the various monarchs ruling Spain in the last four centuries. You will have a chance to see some of the masterpieces by the works of Valazquez, Bosch and El Greco. We don´t stop there, this gallery holds thousands of works and with a recent modern extension, you can continue on, even following your tour. With the help of our guide, you will enjoy the highlights and also some of the works that are more relevant to Spanish history.

        The Royal Palace, one of the largest in Europe. While the official estate of the Spanish Royal family, it is only used for State events currently. As the site of the original Alcazar, the newer 18th century Palace has been compared to the Louvre in France and has much to offer in its surroundings and gardens in the French style. You will feel like a King and Queen as you stroll the glamorous hallways filled with beautiful and ornate collections, tapestries and furniture. Be sure to check out the Royal Armory and Royal Pharmacy.

        While there are over 3000 rooms in the Palace, you will only have access to a portion of this. Your guide will explain some of the important architectural elements that lend to the influence of the different monarchs and exploration periods as well as the designer trends that left their mark on the structure. You even have a Royal Armory and Pharmacy that should not be underestimated in their interesting display.

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