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Camino de Santiago Vacation in 10 Days

Tour Description

Welcome to the Galicia, the last province of the Camino de Santiago. Our Camino de Santiago Vacation in 10 Days starts with meeting your guide in Sarria to prepare for the first day route during dinner. You will cover an average of 8 miles a day to get your Compostela official certificate which requires for you to walk the last 100km . You will be rubbing elbows with pilgrims from all over the world who come to this amazing trail every year. The trail passes by hamlets, churches and monasteries that date back a thousand years. And at night, after a long day walk, you will indulge in the most amazing local cuisine in the accommodations where we are staying. 

By the way, this tour is planned just for you and your family or friends for the dates you choose. No need to adapt to a departure time or look for availability as part of a group. That means it is a private tour so you get a lot more attention with that. You will have the opportunity to meet tons of people during the walk, but the logistics of van and driver-guide are just for you.

What differentiates us from other companies? We excel is in giving you the best service and information during your daily routine on what to expect during the day. In addition, our driver-guide will be providing daily back up in case you need to stop and he will be carrying your luggage safely.  The driver guide stays with the vehicle but you receive clear guidance and indication from them.  If there is a problem, you call your driver/guide. If someone needs to take a day off due to any issues or sickness, we give the support to provide this service at no extra cost.

Our 10 day trip can be extended if you rather walk less amount of miles per day. We are very flexible in that respect.

The film "The Way" does not even come close to what the experience will be.

Included in our Camino de Santiago vacation in 10 days:

  • 10 days/9 nights accommodations in charming casas rurales (rural houses) and charming inns and  4 star hotels in Santiago in double rooms.
  • All Breakfasts
  • Train Madrid to Sarria where our walk will begin
  • Driver and Van to take you to the trail and transport your luggage from place to place.
  • Van Support along the Camino in case you decide to stop walking or get tired.
  • Daily orientation as to where to start in the camino and what to expect.
  • Help with buying bars and snacks for your daily hike
  • Airport transfers upon arrival and departure, two in total (does not include multiple arrivals per transfer)
  • Camino Passport to get stamped
  • Enjoy the scenery of the Camino along Galicia
  • Great intro by guide on what to expect the first day
  • Selection of charming Inns along the way to stay
  • Amazing home made quality local food and wine
  • Daily briefings on what to see during that day's walk

Minimum 2 people to book this tour
Optional for this tour:

Other information
You could add a couple days to our Camino de Santiago vacation in 10 days. That way you do not have to walk so much each day. But remember our van is always close to come pick you up in case you need a break.

We will contact you after you place the order to check everything is correct and to continue the process.   Thank you

This is the trip Summary for the Camino de Santiago vacation in 10 days - Please note where indicated trip changes based on size of group * Madrid (3 nights)

Day 1: Train to Sarria 07h15-13h14 . Bring lunch or buy at trains cafeteria. Arrive in afternoon. Check in, walk around. Meet the driver/guide for a dinner and intro to the Camino. Sleep in Sarria
Day 2: First walking day. Half of stretch Sarria – Portomarín, 22,4 Km 
Guide will be in connection with you via phone or whatsapp in case you need to stop or go back to hotel. He will have determined with you in the morning places where he can drive to pick you up as there are only certain places he will be able to drive to get you. This applies to every day of the walk. Sleep in Sarria
Day 3: Half of stretch Sarria – Portomarín, 22,4 Km
Sleep in Portomarín
Day 4: Portomarín - Palas de Rei, 25 Km Today you do a full stretch. Guide will show you places where he can come pick you up if you are tired and do not feel like completing the full length. Sleep in Palas de Rei. 
Day 5: Half of stretch Palas de Rei – Arzúa 28,8 Km. Sleep in Palas de Rei. 
Day 6: Half of stretch Palas de Rei – Arzúa 28,8 Km. Sleep in Arzúa. 
Day 7: Arzúa – Pedrouzo, 19,1 Km.  Sleep in Arzúa. 
Day 8: Pedrouzo - Santiago de Compostela, 20 Km  Today you do a full strech. Guide will show you places where he can come pick you up if you are tired and do not feel like completing the full length. Sleep in Santiago
Day 9: 10h00 Walking tour. Free rest of Day. Sleep in Santiago.
Day 10: Tour over after breakfast. Fly out

El Camino de Santiago or the Way of Saint James is a network of different routes sprouting from all over Europe and leading to the city of Santiago in the northwest part of Spain which, legend says, holds the sacred remains of the Apostle of St. James.  Today it is considered the second most frequented pilgrimage next to Mecca. The Camino de Santiago dates back to the 9th century and many of the routes originated from the old Roman Roads that crisscrossed through the north of Spain. As a result of this massive religious trek, hundreds of interesting monuments developed over the centuries along ¨the way¨  to help the pilgrims on the journey including hospitals, churches, monasteries and Cathedrals.  

After the 15th century, due to wars and epidemics, the pilgrimage died down but has gained in popularity once again since the turn of the century and more recently in the last 20 years.  Whether for tourism or a spiritual passion, the Camino now draws hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world anxious to do a least a portion of the Camino.  Its scenic and peaceful routes through pastures and mountains with magnificent views of some of the  prettiest green regions of Spain make it a fulfilling trip for many.  There is an official passport "Compostela" you will receive if you are able to complete 100 Kilometers of the Camino.  For families and those who would like to do a portion of the route, it is strongly recommended to get some support whether for the luggage or the pilgrims to move around efficiently.

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